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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Sandi P.

Aww! Incredibly written, VJ! You are remarkable with your thoughts. I know that Ireland will treasure those words forever!


Ok, I am crying now...... what a beautiful and amazing post to Ireland...I loved it and YOU and HER.

Happy Birthday Ireland, sweet and precious beautiful little girl!

From your future mother in law :)



Have a wonderful birthday!

Many Blessings for an incredible third year, Ireland!


That was beautiful, Jennifer. Truly. She is so lucky to have you as her Mom. As are you lucky to have such an incredible daughter.

This really touched me.

Happy Birthday sweet Ireland!!


happy birthday! hey Is that you on the radio shack comercial? looks alot like you. check it out.


Very pretty :) Happy birthday sweet girl!


What a beautiful entry. I remember reading your amazing birth story, it enthralled me! Happy Birthday sweet Ireland :)


OMG!!!!! What sweet, sweet words!!!! This was one of the most amazing posts I've ever read.

Happy B-day!!!! Much love to both of you!!!

God Bless!


Well said. Your little girl is also very fortunate to have such a wonderful mommy as a role model.
Happy birthday, Ireland!


very sweet letter,just reminds me about all the good parts of being a parent = )


I need some tissues! What a simple and yet beautiful message to Ireland! Thank you for sharing~

Happy Birthday!


What an excellent letter to your daughter. I got all goose-bumpy reading it. I actuallt also remember your birth story like it was yesterday, how funny is that? On a completely different note -- I also think that scrapbook page is too cool. I am just scrapbooking Sam's baby book (yes Sam, not Tess!) and I wish I had your creativity!

All the best,

Island Girl

Happy Birthday Ireland! Beautiful entry Jen. =) It is one she will look back on one day and treasure. :)


Awww, what a nice tribute!


I came across your website through a friend. I am also a mother and I do agree that this is a beautiful story about your daughter. However I do not agree that you are setting a good example for her. Setting a good example for my two girls is a daily struggle for me. Posing half naked online is not something you want your daughter to see in 10 to 15 years. Do you actually think she will be proud of you? I sit here and try to imagine what kind of person or mother would think of doing something like this? Some of the pictures are on the verge, if not soft porn. Who in the world would want to set that kind of example for their child? We need to treasure our children and protect them from these kind of things, not conform and become these things. Having a beautiful body does not mean you should share it with everyone. What is left for only you and your husband to share?

I appreciate your respectful opinion but here's a question...since when did just a photo of a woman's body become "soft porn" anyway? I see women wearing less around the city or beach during summer. There is nothing porn about my pictures and if my daughter should happen to see them 10 or 15 years down the road, I have nothing to hide or be embarrassed about. I am proud of who I am and proud of my self confidence. Why should I hide that? I've never shown my tatas or girl bits in my photos...I like to leave it up the imagination. Looks like you have a pretty good one. ;-)

I am an awesome roll model for my daughter. Very much so. I'm showing her that she should be proud of who she is and be a strong self confident woman. It's not a daily struggle for me to show my children unlimited love, support, kindness and appreciation and those are parts of being a good example. I do agree that we need to protect our children from anything harmful. In the world we live in I would highly doubt that a few very beautiful and very artistic pictures of their mother (which I've taken all myself, it's not like I invite anyone else or THEM to snap them of me!) will make in dent on the "harmful list."

Have a great day.


VJ you have such a way with words. Very well written. That will be something for Ireland to cherish forever.

Cowboy In The Jungle

I remember the night my daughter was born. I think you did an excellent job of capturing that magic and love.

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