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One-Line Bio

I'm a true Virgo. Modest. Meticulous. Reliable. Practical. Diligent. Intelligent. Analytical. Fussy. A worrier. Overcritical. Harsh. Perfectionist. Yep, that's me in a nutshell!


100 Things About Me

1. I’m a Virgo. I know, real shock, eh?
2. My favorite color is blue.
3. My second favorite color is green.
4. I ALWAYS chew gum. Always.
5. I have a college degree.
6. I finally earned that at the age of 24.
7. I’ve been working on another degree FOREVER.
8. I want to teach Elementary school.
9. Most say I must be really brave to do that.
10. I married at the age of 25.
11. I've once wanted to join the military.
12. I had my first child at 28 and my second at 31.
13. I loved being pregnant the first time, didn’t like it so much the second time.
14. Both my pregnancies were 100% different from the other.
15. I breastfed both of my children.
16. I gave birth to my daughter without any pain med’s at all.
17. I feel so strong for having done that.
18. Being a mother is by far my biggest accomplishment in life.
19. I love being a mom and I think I’m a pretty awesome one at that!
20. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 13 years.
21. I used to be a very active and very militant P.E.T.A. member.
22. I’m very proud of that because I’ve helped out a lot of animals.
23. I’ve educated a lot of people about the abuse that animals really suffer.
24. I’ve been inside a slaughterhouse.
25. I was Vegan for several years.
26. I eat cheese, milk and eggs now.
27. I feel really guilty for that.
28. I’m a perfectionist.
29. I’m a worrywart.
30. My lucky numbers are 3 & 8.
31. My uncle Tim is my hero.
32. I have brown eyes.
33. I get lots of compliments on my hair, my eyes and my smile.
34. I think I have a great sense of humor.
35. I’m very sarcastic.
36. Sometimes that sarcasm gets me in trouble!
37. I’ve lived in Nebraska my entire life.
38. I hope to someday live in the Pacific Northwest.
39. I'd love to live near the ocean & mountains.
40. I love camping and being outdoors.
41. I do not like snow and could easily celebrate Christmas without it.
42. My favorite season is autumn.
43. I can count to ten in French, Spanish, & Vietnamese.
44. I hung around the WRONG crowd in high school.
45. Even though I was a nice girl, I got a bad rep from hanging out with such losers.
46. I hated high school and hardly ever studied.
47. I was born Aug. 25, 1972
48. I have no tattoos.
49. I’ve thought about getting a tattoo but I’m too scared I’d hate it when I’m old.
50. I’ve had my navel pierced twice.
51. The first time I did it I was out in Portland.
52. I’ve been to a strip club in Vegas.
53. I like to fly.
54. I love vacuuming.
55. I hate doing laundry.
56. I’m almost obsessed about oral hygiene.
57. I had braces put on at the age of 26.
58. They were the clear kind.
59. I floss daily.
60. If I had the money, I’d get a whole mouth of veneers.
61. I’m not embarrassed to admit that.
62. I have a fireman fetish.
63. I think I’m pretty organized but my purse is always a mess.
64. I'm a list fiend. I make one for everything!
65. I love to chew gum.
66. I got my nose pierced March '05.
67. My mother passed away in 2001 from breast cancer at the age of only 46.
68. I was only 28.
69. My son was only 6 weeks old.
70. Seeing my mother die from cancer was the worst thing I’ve ever gone through.
71. She was my best friend.
72. I miss her every single day.
73. I’ve never met my biological father but I had a wonderful stepfather.
74. He passed away in 1998.
75. I’m an adult orphan and it sucks!
76. My son and I eat black olives from the can.
77. My favorite food is pizza.
78. I hope to run a marathon someday.
79. My heritage is Russian and Syrian.
80. I ‘m 5’6” tall.
81. I wish I were about 2” taller.
82. I like painting my nails.
83. I love bubble baths. Nothing relaxes me more!
84. I’m a girlie girl who dresses in cotton and denim.
85. I think that my eyes, hair, smile and breasts are my greatest physical assets.
86. I was on my high school newspaper & yearbook staff.
87. I wrote my own column in the newspaper.
88. I once wanted to be a journalist.
89. I’m interested in mortuary science.
90. As much as I’m interested, I don’t think I really have the “guts” for it. HA HA!
91. I went by the name Jenny in high school.
92. If you call me that now, expect me to punch you.
93. I want to travel to England someday.
94. My childhood best friend is still my best friend.
95. We’ve known each other for over 24 years.
96. We talk nearly every day.
97. I think my worst trait is being too self-critical.
98. I am trying to work on that one.
99. My favorite movie is The Red Violin.
100. I’m terrified of snakes!