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Monday, December 20, 2004



I enjoyed looking at all the pics of Irelands bday! Love the cake! Heather did an excellent job for sure! Its awesome that you have lost weight but it really sucks that you were sick. I am so glad you are feeling better, right in time for Christmas! Its a bummer that you were sick the week of her bday! Glad we talked today.
Take care!


I meant to say how much she looks like Collin as he did at that age and how beautiful she is! Love her eyes!

Heather_Becca's mom

What a beautiful little girl! Thanks for sharing the password so I can follow along with your family.

Happy Holidays!


Glad you're feeling better. Don't forget you can always get a good case of food poisoning to lose a few quick pounds too! Have a wonderful holiday! Judy


Kelly - Thank You! When I compare pictures of Collin and Ireland at this age (Ireland's) you can see how identicle they look alike. It's freaky! :)

Heather - Glad you made it over. Please keep in touch and post often. Happy holidays!

Judy - Ah, yes, food poisoning. That would do it too. I've had food poisoning before and this flu was just like it. Sooo glad it's over with! Happy Holidays!!! :)


What a COOL cake! :)
Sorry you got struck with the flu bug! Yet, glad it didn't get you for the holidays.


Thanks, Tanya. I was/am sooo glad I was over it in time for Ireland's party and the holidays. That would have SUCKED bad!


I am here!
What a really neat cake! It is simply beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday Ireland!!


Thank you, Shelly! :)

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