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Thursday, December 23, 2004



Big props to the most wonderful wife in the world who's FINALLY going to get hip to the hobbits, orcs, and elves. I am so excited about this you would think we're going to watch a steamy movie. My plan is to watch all three movies over the next three nights.


How funny! I JUST had to pull out the old "I'm calling Santa!" routine last night. The naughtiness promptly came to a halt. Isn't this the BEST age?! They finally GET it. I mean REALLY get it. I think it's just as much fun for us, if not more! Have fun with the Rings marathon - I've never seen them either, btw, and I've never really gotten into all the hype. I'll wait for your review...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mark...are you CRAZY! I don't think I can take all three movies in just three nights. My nerd factor isn't THAT high! You'll seriously be lucky if I make it thru the first one without falling asleep. You know how I am when I watch movies...ZzzZzzz. But I'll pretend it's good either way. :)

Meredith...you are so right...THEE BEST AGE in deed! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas. I want to see pictures of the kids! :)


Mega sugar high over here too. My mom has been making all sorts of treats and when I was at her house earlier today, I saw boxes of chocolates ordered from See's candy. They are my FAVORITE!!!
I keep saying that I will get back on track with my diet, but it's nearly impossible around this time of year. Screw it! ;0)

I WOULD LOVE to sit and watch all 3 LOTR movies. They are my all time favorites as you might already know. In fact, I asked my parents for Return of The King extended version for Christmas. That will complete my set and I can hardly wait to watch it. Nearly 5 hours long....HAHAHA!

Have a wonderful Christmas and many blessings!
Jennifer D. :0)


Jennifer - I know you are a HUGE fan of LOTR. I'll be thinking of you when I watch it. Maybe then we can discuss!

See's Candy? I didn't know you loved those? We have a See's Candy right in town, you can go and buy boxes anytime of the year. :) Yummmy!

Have a great Christmas and thank you again for the neat Christmas ornaments. Good enough to eat! ;)

Love ya!


I hope you and your family have a GREAT Christmas!!! Collin is definately at the best age for it!
Kayla is just understanding it and she keeps saying Santa's bringing me presents, and I'm gonna open them. I don't think she realizes the presents will have toys inside...lol... I can't wait to see her little face.
On a sad note, my son, who is just under 7 has just decided that Santa is fake!!!! There's no reasoning with him, he just don't believe, what ever happened to the innosence of childhood??? So of course the I'm calling Santa just don't work in him...UGH.
I hope you enjoyed the movie last night, I've never seen any of them either!
Happy Holidays,


7 and he already knows about Santa?! Oh, shoot! I'm sure you were hoping to stretch it out until at least 9 or 10, right?! My nephew is 10 and he no longer believes, but I have another cousin who is 10 and he still does. You just never know! At least you have Kayla to play Santa to still. :)

Happy Happy Holidays, Janis!


LOVED seeing that pic of you and Mark again! Too cute! Miss ya like crazy, hope to call you soon hon! Merry Christmas! The boys LOVED their Santa letters! You are awesome! Love you.

Mary Pat


OMG, that picture of you from christmas past is priceless! YOu look amazingly similar, but your husband - wow! what a change! There he looked the part of a rock star, now I'm sure it's more of an internal thing (still a rockstar at heart but not in appearance) :)

LOVED doing the whole "Santa is watching" threat because it worked like a charm. And I have to (guiltily?) admit to still using it days after. He's still very much in the Christmas mode so it's still valid, at least to him. It's wonderful. :)

And I hope you will be converted to a LOTR groupie after watching the movies - I love them!! I really want the trilogy for myself. I read the book a couple of years ago - all three in one huge mega-novel - and fell in love with it. Then I saw the first movie and was so happy with how close the film is to the book. It's usually not that way, so I was hooked on the films and how beautifully done they are. Maybe just maybe you'll become a fan, too!

Talk soon~


Miss you. We keep playing phone tag. You are it. Just left you a message hon. Hope Ireland feels better soon, Nathan has a bad cold right now too.


MP - I think we pretty much caught up on the DC girls group, but I forgot to mention that Mark read the books too and loved them.

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