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Tuesday, December 21, 2004



ROFL!! You sound just like me. I can never, ever eat just one. ;0)

Congratulations on that 7 pounds lost. AWESOME! I'm waiting until after Christmas...I just can't seem to stay away from all this good food.

Much love,
Jennifer :0)


7 pounds lost but I don't think for too long...so much freakin JUNK and sweets in the house. Dang holidays anyway. I can't wait until it's all over just to get the damn stuff out of my house and out of my HANDS! LOL! :)

Sandi P.

Mmmmm, I bet they were good too, right? So glad you got to enjoy them.

Merry Christmas!
Sandi P.


YUM YUM YUM! I have never ate them but they look good! Tomorrow is our BIG pig out day! :)
Happy Holidays babe!
Love ya!


Some more advice - DO NOT buy a bag of M&Ms so that you can make cute little reindeer cookies for your daughter's dance Christmas party. The reindeer end up having orange eyes and blue noses because you've eaten 3/4 of the bag. Not pretty.

Meredith :)
P.S. Thanks for the password. I'll guard it with my life! And I'll start posting more!


Oh, Meredith, I'm laughing out loud! That is so hilarious, really. We always have the best intentions don't we? Not our fault we're like rabid racoons all over garbage when it comes to sweets! We are only human. LOL! Hope the Christmas dance party loved the reindeer cookies, even if they did have orange eyes and blue noses! They sound cute!

Sandi and Kelly...happy holidays!!! Thanks for posting!

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