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Sunday, December 12, 2004



Happy 1st Birthday Ireland!!! It's already Monday morning here so I hope Ireland has a wonderful day and a great party on Saturday :)

Jennifer D. (Mom to 4 darlings!)

Now that I've got my act together I can wish her a wonderful Happy Birthday. ;0) Enjoy her 1st birthday and take tons of pictures. I know that you will!! ;0)

I love that new picture. She's beautiful!
Jennifer :0)


Ireland is soooo beautiful Jennifer! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my future daughter in law :):) Austin LOVES her! :):) Missing you like crazy, hope we can talk on Monday! Call me when its good for you doll!
Hope the kiddos liked their gifts, sent you an email, will let you know when your box comes! :):)
Love ya~


Now that its her birthday officially, I wanted to say
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Ireland
Happy Birthday to you!
And many many more!
Love you!
Call me today when its good for you okay?


Happy Birthday to Ireland!!!!!! Doesn't that first year go fast? What a beautiful baby
Enjoy your cupcakes sweetie!


Happy Birthday to Baby Ireland! (We can still call her a baby for just a *little bit* longer, can't we?) I hope today, this weekend, and all the years to come are filled with joy.

Love, Cara


HaPpY bIrThDaY iReLaNd!!!!
I can't believe she is ONE-- All these babies are growing up on us!!!!!!???



They do grow up way too fast!!

Have a great day!!



Beautiful! I loved it Jennifer. You made me shed some tears while watching the slide show! Have a wonderful Bday Day today! Did that make sense?! LOL! Love ya!
PS Just got your box, will open it tonight with boys once Kevin is home tonight!
PSS Did I notice the letters on the fridge from us? Or did you already have some? :)

Sandi P.

Hi Jennifer, I attempted to leave a comment for you yesterday; but I couldn't get the password to work for some reason or another!

Hope you and your family are enjoying Ireland's b'day today!

Jennifer D. (Mom to 4 darlings!)

That slide show was awesome Jen! What a special tribute to your daughter. You're are so blessed to have her and she is so blessed to be yours. ;0)

Much love,


Hi Jennifer -

Naturally, I loved the slide show. I shouldn't have watched it after putting on my make-up! LOL!

How precious!!



OMG - I absolutely loved the slideshow. That was so incredibly sweet! What a great thing for you guys to have of such a great year. Beautiful beautiful girl. :)


Ok, I'm sitting here crying!! That slide show was so precious. You're going to LOVE looking at that every year on her birthday.


((JENNIFER)) I am so sorry to see that you are sick with the stomach flu....GET WELL SOON HON! I am thinking of you! I hope that you didnt get it on Irelands birthday on Monday night and I hope you are over with it really soon, especially before Saturdays party! I will be calling you today to check on you! Love you.

Mary Pat

What a cool slideshow! thanks for letting me peek at all the pics from her first year. :) We have Lauren's file of pics as a rotating screen-saver so I get to see a low-tech slideshow of her first year (not in any order, however...) nearly everyday and I love it! They change so fast! Today is DH's birthday and we're enjoying some family time. Then it's my birthday next week. Gotta love December birthdays!

Talk soon,


I just now got a chance to watch the slide show!!! Wow-- Why do they grow up so fast!?
I LOVE that song!!!!!! ;)


That slide show was beautiful, it made me cry! They grow up way too fast, seeing that makes me want to do it all over again.

Sorry to hear your not feeling well, stomach flu is the WORST. Hope your feeling better soon!


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