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Thursday, December 02, 2004


Sandi P.

You go girl! Sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have enough courage to do something like that for my hubby!

Love ya!


YOU SEXY MOMMA!!!!!! Those pictures are awesome! I want to go have some done and have wanted to for awhile, but your pictures make me want to right now. Ohhhhh....what a GREAT Christmas present for Mark (my Mark HAAAA!!) that would be huh? I just might have to do that!!!

You look AWESEOME and BEAUTIFUL and I can see why he had the dome light on, the whole way home!!! ;0)

Love ya,
Jennifer :0)


Well I say you are a SUPERMODEL!!! You are VERY sexy, beautiful, and HOT! I am so glad you decided to post these! FUN!
Love ya!


Oh, mama! Girl, those are GREAT pics - WOW! (Oh, to have boobs... *sigh*, lol.) You look incredible.

Love, Cara

Mary Pat

Owwww - ! Sizzling! I think they are terrific pics of you and I don't think you've changed one little bit since 2000. You go, girl! Cliff would LOVE me to have some x-rated (forget R-rated - he'd want hardcore) but I don't have the nerve to to pose nude in my post-kids body with some photographer. Maybe someday - in the distant future - when I'm drunk - LOL!

Good for you!


Wooooweeee! What fantastic shots. You look great!


Wooooooow!! I have wanted to do something like that for Joe for a long time. I have never had the guts to do it.:) Where did you get these done at? Did you go to a special studio?


Hey Jennifer! Thanks for the fun chat last night on AOL and thank you for good questions to use ;) Last night I told Kevin to check out your pics, he liked them! I wanted to tell you in case you saw his different server on your site!
Love you.
PS Have FUN with Heather tonight!


Hot momma!!!! That is all there is to say! What a beautiful gift - I know many husbands out there are jealous.... :)


God Bless you.



I LOVE your photos! Where did you get them done? I'd need to do some toning up before I did that but it seems like such a great idea!!



Hey.. Those are nice photos. These must have been the ones Pat told me about a while back when you still worked at info. Take care.. Can't wait for your 7 layer Dip... and I'm sure you can't wait for salsa.


Jen A

Great pics, Jennifer!! I love the idea of doing that for hubby, but I'm such a weenie. I guess the real question is, did he then turn the dome light OFF the rest of the way home?! :-)

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