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Saturday, February 26, 2005



You've TOTALLY inspired me. It may take me a few weeks (months) to get my nerve up, but I'd love to try it!! :)

Got anymore PICTURES???!!! HA!


excellent commentary, especially the random pics. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed the experience and the pain wasn't too bad. That's encouraging. Now i'll be waiting for the grow-back report in another week or two. If you can swear to me that it doesn't itch AT ALL, then maybe, just maybe, I'll consider getting one myself as a graduation and/or father's day present for DH. :)


Yea, Jennifer! Glad to hear all went well. The pictures are cool. Did you tell Stephanie you were going to do that, or did you just start snapping away?

How's Ireland doing today? Better I hope!!!



That is cool... I would love to try it.
Im going to the spa on sunday with my friend for my eyebrows and hair only- I should ask them if they do that.
You didnt think 65.00 dollars was to high????


OK - So I have to know the reason you told her for taking the pic if her with the wax. The pictures were too funny.


Glad it went well, Jennifer :) LOL at the photos, so did you just stop now and then to take the pics??! I have to ask , did she leave 'anything' behind at all??!


Jen, Loved the journalistic quality of the photos. You had the story in mind.... :) You are definitely a trip and gosh, you certainly make a girl wanna try too.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. ;)


Meredith: Nope, no more pictures. What kind where you wondering about? ;)

MP: Grow-back report in two weeks...check.

Lisa & Rae: I took most of the pictures while I was getting undressed. I spent so much time jacking around with the camera that the first time she came into the room I wasn't even ready for her. :) Once I was ready, I told her I wanted to take a picture or two for my website. She was totally excited and thought the idea was great. SHE even asked if I wanted to take a picture of the wax strip AFTER she ripped hair out...I was like NO THANKS! :)

Heather: What you really meant to say was I'm crazy but you still love me, right? Psycho??? Oh well. At least I'm a psycho with beautiful goodies. I'll take it.

Celeste: I didn't think $65.00 was too high...this is something you definitely do not want to skimp on and try to get the lowest price. NO WAY!

Sue: Nothing. Zilch! I forgot to tell her to leave the "airstrip." oops! :)

Holly: Thanks! I'm enjoying my weekend, hope you are too.


Glad you and M are enjoying your results! :)


You forgot to mention that you called me a few mins before hand and I was soooo freakin anxious and excited for you! :) I guess you don't love me anymore, you are too sexy for me now huh? ;)


Not to be confused with the other Heather who posted, I think what you had done is awesome! I only wish I had the guts to do it. Maybe after your two week report, I'll have to consider it. See what you started! :-)

mom to Becca, age 4


Kelly: "I'm too sexy for my shirt...too sexy for my shirt...So sexy it hurts"

Heather: Glad I've inspired you too! Go for it!!!! :)


LMAO . . . I'm so glad you told us all about it! I was actually afraid to open some of the pictures (I'm at work), you are SO funny!!!

Now you just have to let us know if it itches like hell growing back. LOL.



Guess I should have stated that the pictures were all PG...but then no one would have clicked on them. I KNOW WHAT YOU PEOPLE WANT! LOL! ;)


Okay - so how did you go about finding a place that did this? I told my hubby about it and he really wants me to try it out! lol We live in a small town so not sure if any place even does it around here. Thanks for writing about it...makes me a little bit less nervous about the experience. :)


Hi Lisa,

I would see if your town has any spas. That's the first place to look. Call and ask if they do Brazilian waxes. If you have no spas in your town, start calling beauty salon's and ask them. If you still don't go anywhere with that, you might just have to travel to your nearest "big" city to have it done.

Open up the Yellow Pages and just start making phone calls. A few things to ask:

How much will it run?
How many people at the spa/salon do BW's?
How long have 'they' been doing them (you don't want a newbie doing it!).
How long it will take.

That should be a good start. Good luck and let me know if you get it done!!!!

Flaming Cheeto

I gave birth without pain meds and let me tell you, that fucking waxing is something I'll NEVER do again! LOL It hurt like a motherfucker, and there was nothing nice about seeing that part of my body again. It sure didn't look like I'd remembered it.

70's bush here (it's growing back nicely) and damn proud!


You crack me up! What a great visual. So even with the piercing...you still prefer the 70's look? LOL

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