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Monday, May 08, 2006



Glad to see an update from you!

I have been missing your site (lol!) girl! Good thing we talk every single day or else I really would have been going through VJ withdrawal :) But I did come close lol.

Can't wait to FINALLY meet Jen D with you! Talk about FUN!!!!!

Oh how I wish I could come up for the surprise party!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!

You all will have tons of fun for sure, I know us Chi town girls did. Those pics from that weekend are HILARIOUS huh?!

I can't believe Collin is done with preschool. Wow. It goes so fast.

Happy shoe shopping babe!


My goodness you HAVE been busy. But I knew that you were alive and well. ;0)

Can you blieve David B.???? My gosh!!! I don't think that he should go through with the holding his breath thing. Dear Lord I'm even afraid to watch his special on tonight. Scary!!!

I wish you luck at everything that you have to accomplish and may you have many big breaths...not breasts...breaths. ROFL! ;0)


PS "most of you anyway" Ha! Too much! ;)


Hey Chick-a-dee :)

Passion Parties are always fun!! Those pics are too much. ;)

Nice to see an update from you.

Shoe shopping is always fun. Enjoy!!

I'm hoping I'm not one of the "most of you's" lmao.


Remember me? Still here, still reading, no time to comment or post!! Student teaching full time is awesome, but very busy. Hope you can make it all work this fall! XXOO

Island Girl

Little busy? Geeesh girl- I thought I had a lot on my plate.
Try and keep your sanity hun. lol
Have fun with the Surprise Party. I want to see pics and make sure you guys do the penis with the gum contest. *wink*
I watched the David Blaine thing last night. WOW.


My goodness, you are one busy momma. Hope things slow down a bit for you and you get a break.


How do you keep up with everything??!! I am tired just reading about all that is coming up for you ;) The weekend with Kelly & Jen D sounds awesome - where is KC? Wherever it is, I wish I could be there.

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