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Sunday, May 14, 2006



Happy Mothers Day Jen :)


((((Jennifer))) what a beautiful, powerful, and special entry in honor of your beloved mom, your children, and all moms out there.

Happy Mother's Day Jennifer, I love you and please know my heart is thinking of your beloved mom today, everyday...

I know she is SO PROUD.

All my love,



That was beautiful Jen! Happy Mother's Day to you.


Happy Mother's Day, Jen. I thought about you earlier as I was thinking of my Mom and missing her today. I know she is proud of me and the Mom I am. I.just.miss.her. When I read this, I smiled. I would love to smell my Mom's purfume again. (Ciara).
Hugs. I hope you enjoyed your day with your little sweeties.


You are such an awesome mom! Happy Mother's Day!


Your mother was in my heart and in my thoughts yesterday. I missed her for you~
I opened up my memory banks and sifted through some warm and touching memories I have shared w/ her and you while growing up.
Our children celebrate "us" on Mother's Day, but we should celebrate our children, without them we wouldn't be Mothers....and our children make us better women. You're a very lucky Mother to have your children surround you with their love, daily. It's a delicate gift not all mothers get to enjoy.
Happy Mother's Day dearest Friend...
Soul Sisters~


Happy Mom's Day! :-)


I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I am sure your mom is very proud of you. You are a wonderful mom.


Like you said to me recently on my blog, I wish I didn't know how you feel, but I do! I think our moms in heaven know how we feel. Once we became mothers, we understood them in a way we never could have before. I know you probably wish you could have expressed that before she passed. I know I do! Your entry was beautiful! You really do have a way with words.

Sandi P.

What a beautiful post for Mother's Day, VJ. Your children are so blessed that you belong to them.

Happy belated Mother's Day to you!


A very powerful and sweet post. Your mom would be so proud of the way you care for and love your children :)

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