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Wednesday, May 17, 2006



Ouch! Glad you're okay. I did a graceful (not) swan-dive off our last 2 bottom steps at Xmas time, thank goodness it was dark and not witnessed by all the neighbours...!


Ouch! I was afraid you were going to say you scrapped your face since your hands were full.
Hope you are feeling better.


Something about you and stairs.....


LOL Jenni!!! Remember the pizza dude?!?!?!

Glad you are feeling better babe!!!

You are great at retelling stories!


Holy Moly..luckily you didn't land on your face.

You are so graceful lol. ;)
Scraped knees and hands do hurt!

At least it was dark out. lol

Sandi P.

Good grief, Jennifer...sorry you stumbled down the stairs, but glad you came away with only scrapes to hands and knees (ok, and to your pride) and not injured yourself any worse than you did.

Hope your hands and knees aren't too bad! :)


*OUCH* I'm so sorry that you fell, and thank God you didn't break anything. I always laugh at myself when I fall. And sadly I laugh at everyone else too. I do go and help them up though. But there's just something about people falling that cracks me up. You ought to hear me when America's Funniest Home Videos is on. I'm ROARING!



Ouch! That had to hurt. Hope your wounds heal quickly.

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