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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Island Girl

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :)


I am so happy to see your small post! I really enjoy reading your blog, you have such a good attitude all around you, it's no wonder people are drawn to that.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years :o)


YAY...so happy to see a post...hope yu and your family had a GREAT holiday!!

Lisa M

Glad to see you are still here, I enjoy checking your blog.


Im so happy to have you back. I enjoy reading your posts. Hope you had a good christmas with the kidsos. Happy new year girl!!!!
Give me a call sometime.


Woohoo! I suspected that you might come back, but wasn't ever sure. Take it easy, don't force anything. We'll be out here waiting for you whenever you decide to post!


missed you!

Lisa O

I'm glad you are here and promise to comment more often so you know that I'M here as well.
I hope 2007 brings you only happiness!


Hey there ! :)


glad to see you are here in 2007 darl : )


Aaaahhhhhhh..... a VJ fix at long last! :) Thank Gawd...the withdrawl shakes were making me spill my coffee!



I am so happy that you are thinking about blogging. You have been missed. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


I may just have a better day now. Been really missing one of my favorite most inspiring blogs!


I kept checking and checking . . . hoping that I'd see a new post and voila! Here it is!

I hope you are well and I'm glad you're still here! :)


Happy 2007! This is a big year, huh? It's going to rock.

Sandi P.

Thanks for an update. Glad you are doing ok. Been thinking of you.

Happy New Year!!


Missed you girl! Alot. Glad to see something from you. Have a blessed day!


Glad to see you back! I've been checking out your 365 pics - wow, you are good :) Ever thought about becoming a photographer?!

I noticed there is an uncut version, can you put me on your waiting list for the password?? ;)


Hi Again Jen! Hope all is going great for you and the family! I noticed the un cut version also, May I have the password also? If you need more info just email me. It would be great to talk to you!


Glad to see you're back. Hope 2007 holds nothing but good things for you. I notice the comments about a PW protected blog, if you're willing to share, I'd love to read along. Take care!



VJ, I also would love to have the password to your uncut blog. Of course, I will also be glad to provide you any info about me through email. :) Paige


Hey Jen -

Sorry I never comment, but I'm really sorry you've ben through so much and I'm praying for you, even with lack of commenting. I pray 2007 year is a GREAT and better year for you. Thanks for al the sweet things you've done for people, like Kelly, and your kids, and the things you do unnoticed.

Many blessings!


I have to tell you, your 365 photos are so adictive. I just love them and look forward to the next one each day. Are you going to continue to write? If you do on your uncut blog, may I be included? I've always been such a fan you know! ;0)


Would LOVE the ok to get into the uncut version...if you so choose. :)



Jen, if you password protect (which I hear you may have) I'd love the password. I'm still here and reading. =)

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