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Friday, April 06, 2007


Kristin-mom to 3 boys and a GIRL

cute pictures! you all look good!


as long as you 3 are ok is all that matters darl :)


I hope the craziness is over, for the most part. Still glad to see you here, though.


Hey jen....hope you all had a great holiday!!
the kids are getting so big!


I love you Jen.


I love you too...


good to see a new post here!


Hi, Raelyn! :) They'll be more soon!

Lisa O

Hi VJ - so glad to hear from you. The pictures are awesome - your great smile shines through and you look happy. I hope that's the case and that you had a wonderful Easter.
Lisa O


Thanks Lisa and thanks for including me in your updates. I read but i'm sorry I don't reply. I love hearing from you! :)


I check for an update everyday still. Glad to hear from you and see your smiling faces!


Cute pictures:) Glad to see a new posting. Hope you had a good easter. Take care...


all bloggers know how it goes. We'll be checking in regularly hoping to find an update. Post when you can and don't sweat the frequency. Hope everything has settled down for you.


Glad to hear from you. Sweet pictures of you and the kids. Hope to hear more from you soon!


I always LOVE when you update. :) The pictures are great. The kids are getting so big. I love the hairbow your daughter has in. Autumn went through a phase with those and I have about 15 of them in diffrent colors. Of course, now she won't wear them. LOL


Ack- I just wrote a long-a$$ comment and it blew off to cyber space.

Glad to see your post. :)


glad you're doing ok. peace~art


hey vj - long time no post. I noticed you have a password-protected area "uncut" on your sidebar... is this something I could be so bold as to ask for the password to? I miss keeping up with you and your kids. I get glimpses through your photos, but it's not the same as reading your words as well. Anyway, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. You can always reach me via email at XXXXX


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