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Monday, May 07, 2007



I know that you're going to get through this just fine. How can I possibly know this? I don't know. But seeing you elsewhere has convinced me of it. And the new guy--hope he knows he'd better take care of you, 'cuz he'll have to answer to us if he doesn't!

Hope you'll keep things up on this site too!


I'm so glad to read your update. I hope things continue to go well for you and your kiddos (who are adorable BTW!). I pop in often to check your 365 photos (awesome!) but don't get to post as often as I'd like. Take care and keep your chin up!


Oh Jen! I just want you to know, from me, that I am always here for you. Email, text, phone call...I'm here!! ;0)


I'm so sorry. It's as I suspected but didn't have the heart to ask. I guess this means no more visits to Oregon since those were relatives of your soon-to-be-ex? Damn...

Turmoil is hard, especially when there are kids involved. You're a good mom so I know the kids are being shielded and cocooned from all the unpleasantness. I'm happy you've found someone new, but my only assvice is to take things SLOW. super-slow. And to keep it very separate from the kids. (folding up soapbox now).

It sounds like you're surrounded by lots of great and supportive people, both IRL and online. And that will see you through. Tap the network. It's amazing what happens when someone simply asks for help. Too few do and most people are unwilling or unable to actually take others up on their offers to help. But nothing makes the heart of a friend sing than when their friend reaches out and needs them and trusts in the friendship. You are a lucky woman to have so many friends.

I'll continue to check on you and hope all the goodness you have started continues. You will make it through this stronger and better than ever.


So good to read something from you. You are right about us not being surprised. I'm so sorry that you are going through rough times.

I do think of you and wonder how you're doing. It's also good that you've met a good friend in the midst of your pain. It sounds like he is offering some stability for you in an otherwise unstable situation.

Sending hugs and prayers your way.


You have such a great spirit despite the adversity in your life. Love is so many things, yet wondeful to have and give.

Good Luck and keep Smiling.



MP: Nope, those fabulous Oregon relatives are MINE! My uncle and his family and we are very close. He's like an older brother to me so visit in the future WILL take place! I *WILL* see you again soon!

Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts my way. :)

Jenni T

Jen: I am so glad to hear you have met someone and are able to move on with your life. the negativity has been horrible, but you get to move on and find something (someone) new who treats you with the respect you deserve. Thinking of you


The last two years of my life have been hell on earth. That's why I've named 2007 as the (say it loud, yo!) YEAR OF MEREDITH beyatches!!!! I highly recommend it.

Glad to know you've found sunshine through the dark...I've learned to find it even if it's as tiny as a pin prick.

What doesn't kill us, makes us so much god damn stronger it's fucking craaaazeee. :)

Much happiness to you...


Glad to see your website updated. You are a strong person and will get though this milestone in your life. Please give me a call and we will chat. Can you believe kindergarten is alsmost over - its feels like they just started the BIG K.


Wow, when I read your post I wasn't surprised, but I didn't have a clue otherwise.

I'm sorry. I've been there and I know a lot of what you're feeling.

I've been on an email list for 7 years and I'm one (out of two) of divorced women on there. I feel out of place on it now sometimes. If you ever want to talk, drop me an email.


I'm so sorry you've been having a rough year. I had a feeling that something like this may be going on. I'm glad to hear that you have found happiness and wish you all the best!

Kristin-mom to 3 boys and a GIRL

I am sorry you are going through a rough time, but I am happy that you have found someone who makes you happy, because you deserve to be happy, no matter what. One chapter in your life is closing and a new one is opening. You will do fine in whatever path your life takes you. You have great kids, you have determination, and you have a very powerful spirit in you.

Kristin :)


Hi Jen! You hang in there girl, Your stronger than you know. I will admitt I was shocked.. I had no idea.. But Know you and the kids are in my prayers! It's always great to here something from you just to let us all know you are ok. And you will be ok!

Blessingd to you Always Jen!!


I am so sorry Jen. I had an idea but I was still hoping it wasn't that. Good luck to you and your kids now and in the future. Thanks for the update. Somehow even though we don't know each other I still care about you and your family. Take Care!


Love you, Jen. You WILL get through this. I think you're doing a bang up job already.



Still checking in, on your flickr site as well as here, just not much time to comment these days. :-) I had an inkling something was up. Glad you are coming out of the darkness and back into the light. Thinking of you...



Karapp, I kind of knew something big was going on, but didn't know quite what. I am so sorry you are going through that, but so happy for you that you found someone that is making you happy!!
Hope you have an awesome mother's day with your kids!


So glad you're coming out of the pain and darkness and into the light again. Wishing you and the kiddos all the very best, I know you'll do just fine.


You are always in my thoughts Jen. I am glad to hear you have found happiness. Can't wait to hear more. Your kids are lucky to have such a strong-beautiful mom. :)


I think of you often. I sort of figured this is what was happening, but really did not know. Glad you have someone and are moving forward.


I'll be sending good thoughts your way. I'm sorry to hear what you're going through, I went through the same thing myself last year. All I can say is that even though it might not seem like it now, it does get easier.

Lisa O

Oh VJ - I had gathered as much but didn't want to be nosey. I can only imagine what you are going through. My heart hurts for you and I will continue to pray for peace during this whole thing. I'm so happy you have someone wonderful in your life - you certainly deserve it.
I hope you had a great Mothers Day - I'm a little late of course - story of my life! LOL

Sending you big hugs (((HUG)))


VJ, I'm genuinely sorry to hear about what you've been going through. I've been there (although without children), and it just plain sucks.

Take care of yourself and those adorable kiddos!


LOVE!?!!!! How wonderful! So happy to hear the happiness in your post. So happy for you. You deserve it so much!

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